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Top positive review

Best mobile video on market

Great in-car mobile video system, but it does eat memory cards fast in full HD of front & back. Dropped mine to 720 instead of 1080 & doubled storage capabilities. I am currently using a 64gb memory card without issue. If I could find a 128gb on the cheap, I’d like to try it….site says it only supports up to 64gb, but I think it was just old info. Also, rear view is reversed when viewing….ie, the car on the left of video is actually on right, etc.

Top negative review

Overall I would recommend but do not get your hopes up on video quality.,

Update: 10/27/2015 after 4 weeks working with seller and manufacture of the camera they turned down the warranty of the product. Blackvue offers a fake 12 mth warranty they will not honor. I used the camera for 7 months on Aug 28th I think, it stopped working. I almost got into an accident a few weeks later and noticed it was no longer recording. To sum up their response they said it was user negligence because it shorted. I ask how it shorted when it just hung in my truck? What was the user negligence? They never answered me and refused to honor the warranty. The mom and pap shop that sold it to me pretended to be a franchise company. I checked their address it just a house in a middle class neighborhood. One of their responses was their GM is looking into it, LOL I guess my son is the assistent manager and my wife is GM of the house. They scratched off the S/N and 1st tried to tell me that voided warranty, but luckily I had the S/N written down. Now it is a paper weight, it powers on to a screen but does nothing and when I took it apart after getting back waiting 2 weeks for them to ship it back. I noticed bad soldering on a capacitor and doing some voltage checks seems one of the cheap Chinese capacitors is bad. But it was user negligence and a short, and the failed to tell me what I did. Half tempted to replace the capacitor myself and tell them off.

EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED, with this product, sellers lies, and manufacture lies. I will buy my next product at Best Buy or Fry’s for the less money I can get a real HD cam that can record lic plates. I even thinking this might have been a clever knockoff. For $300+ you expect a product to work for a long time at least a few years, this did not after 7 mths and manufacture will refuse to honor their warranty. Best Buy and Fry’s will honor theirs I know it and they do not sell knock offs.

If you want to take the risk of it breaking and them not fixing it and blaming you, read below………..
There is few problems with the unit. I would like to start with what is good.

Fuse box installation is easy, just find your acc(radio on) fuse, your batt fuse and common ground, installed mine in less then 5 mins. Can not get easier then that and I have my acc lighter for charging my cell phone. Once you have it on it pretty much does it thing with little or no input from you. That is very important.

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