Future Vehicle 2017 HONDA CIVIC TYPE R

Since Honda launched 2016 Honda civic type r, we have been waiting for 2017  type r. And it is coming around the corner.  At the Pairs Motor show,  2017 Honda civic type r had a debut stage. And considering honda’s new car release history, 2017 Honda civic prototype will match 99% of the actual production car. Fortunately, Honda will start to sell first 2017 civic type r in the U.S.

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  • Price: $35,000(Est)
  • Engine: Inline-4(Est)
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual(Est)
  • Horsepower:  315(Est)
  • Torque: 305(Est)
  • Engine size: 2.0L
  • 0-60 seconds time: 5 sec(Est)
  • Top speed: 155mph(Est)
  • Drive type: FWD

Tesla dash camera capture a collision

How do you think about an Autopilot technology?

If you think a negative way about an autopilot technology. This a tesla dash camera footage will change your opinion. A dash cam video shows that how can Tesla’s autopilot function predict and prevent a collision on a freeway.

What is an autopilot function?

An autopilot is a technology to manage the direction of an airplane without a consistent manual control by people.

Tesla autopilot control

How Tesla autopilot works?

Tesla’s autopilot technology keeps learning from other Tesla cars and keeps improving by itself.  It is like a machine learning based on a big data from Tesla cars. This system uses a camera, radar, ultrasonic sensors and GPS tracking system to provide a real-time feedback. This data will be improved automatically through regular updates from Tesla.

My Best Dash Cam product Recommendation for a Tesla car owner

BlackVue DR750LW-2CH DASH CAM Review

Audi R8 luxury sport car hit and run moment

This is why people need a dash cam

A dash cam video recorded the moment when Audi R8 hit a car and ran away. If the driver wouldn’t have a dash cam, he won’t get any money form this hit and run accident.  Thanks to the dash cam, Audi R8 driver was charged with hit and run. And the driver got a compensation from Audi R8 driver insurance company.

audi r8 hdvideodepot

Audi R8 hit and run moment

My Best Dash cam recommendation

BlackVue DR650S-2CH Review

BlackVue DR650S-2CH Dashcam Review

BlackVue DR650S-2CH Dash Cam

Blcakvue DR650S-2CH dashcam adapted a cloud technology providing a smartphone view.  And It is a dual channel dash camera which provides a crystal clear video recording and clear sounds. Besides Blcakvue DR650S-2CH dashcam provides Wi-Fi, impacting and motion detection and remote cloud system connection.  DR650S-2CH Dash Cam is designed for a user-friendly way so it won’t hinder a driver view.

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BlackVue DR650S-2CH technical specification

Model Name DR650S-2CH Speaker Built-in
Channel 2 Channels LED Front: Recording LED, GPS LED, Wi-Fi LED, Front Security LED
Rear: Rear Security LED
Color/Size/Weight Front: Black / Width 118.5 mm x Height 36 mm / 96 g
Rear: Black / Width 67.4 mm x Height 25 mm / 28 g
Sensor 3-Axis acceleration sensor
Memory microSD Card (16 GB/32 GB/64 GB/128 GB) Backup Battery Built-in Super Capacitor
Recording Mode Normal Recording + Event Recording (Impact Detection) +
Parking Mode Recording (Impact and Motion Detection).
* For Parking mode recording, a Power Magic Battery Pack or Power Magic Pro is recommended.
Button Wi-Fi / Format Button
* Self-format Function: Press it for 10 seconds to format the microSD card.
Proximity sensor : Voice recording on/off
* Touch the button or it recognizes when a hand approaches to within
about 2cm.
Camera Front: CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1 M Pixel)
Rear: CMOS Sensor (Approx. 1 M Pixel)
Input Voltage DC 12V – 24V (DC Plug: (Ø3.5 x Ø1.35), MAX 1A/12V)
Viewing Angle Front: Diagonal 129°, Horizontal 103°, Vertical 77°
Rear: Diagonal 129°, Horizontal 108°, Vertical 57°
Current Consumption Avg. 400mA (4.8W at 12V, when GPS and Wi-Fi is On)
Avg. 300mA (3.6W at 12V, when GPS and Wi-Fi is Off)
* Actual power consumption may vary depending on use conditions and
Resolution/FPS Full HD (1920×1080) @ 30 fps – HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps
Full HD (1920×1080) @ 15 fps – HD (1280×720) @ 15 fps
HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps – HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps
HD (1280×720) @ 15 fps – HD (1280×720) @ 15 fps
Operating Temp. -20℃ – 60℃ (-4°F – 140°F )
Image Quality Highest
Storage Temp. -20℃ – 70℃ (-4°F – 158°F )
Compression Codec MP4 Certifications Front: FCC, CE, RoHS, Telec, RCM, WEEE
Wi-Fi Built-in (802.11 b/g/n (2.4~2.4835 GHz)) Software BlackVue Viewer
* Windows XP or higher and Mac Leopard OS X
(10.5) or higher
GPS Built-in Application BlackVue C Application (Android 4.4.2 or higher, iOS 8.0 or higher)
MIC Built-in

BlackVue DR650S-2CH Car Camer Review

This is the famous blackvue  flagship dash cam model. As  2016 model, differences between 2015 model  are small. However the dash cam camera looks and design improved for better user experiences.


Let’s take a look of BlackVue DR650S:

  • CMOS sensor: The front dash cam sensor has been improved from 1.5MP to 2.1MP CMOS.
  • Upgraded bit per rate: Both the front and rear bit rates are improved. The front dash cam records 10Mbps, and the rear dash cam records 5 Mbps.
  • Overheating problem is fixed:  Compare to other blackvue modles, BlackVue DR650S heating control is far more superior.(Operating Temp.-20℃ – 60℃ (-4°F – 140°F )
  • Memory: It supports up to 128 GB.

Amazon Top Review for BlackVue DR650S-2CH

Go to see Amazon Top Review


BlackVue dash cam is one of the best front and rear dash cam brands. With their consistent updates, BlackVue is a very reliable brand.

However, if you already have the previous model DR650GW, it is not worth to buy it. If not, it is highly recommended to buy it. With BlackVue cloud system, a user can experience one of the most innovative technologies among the dash cam brands.

BlackVue DR750LW-2CH Dashcam Review -MyBestDashCam


As of today 12/29/2016, BlackVue DR750LW-2CH price is $357 with 3% discount.  You can buy this blackvue dashcam at hdvideodepot.com. This is much cheaper price than Amazon.  Amazon.com price of BlackVue DR750LW-2CH Dashcam is $380

Make sure use this coupon code: HDVDO3  for 3% discount.


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Youtube Video Review

Amazon customer review for BlackVue DR750LW-2CH Dashcam

Top positive review

Best mobile video on market

Great in-car mobile video system, but it does eat memory cards fast in full HD of front & back. Dropped mine to 720 instead of 1080 & doubled storage capabilities. I am currently using a 64gb memory card without issue. If I could find a 128gb on the cheap, I’d like to try it….site says it only supports up to 64gb, but I think it was just old info. Also, rear view is reversed when viewing….ie, the car on the left of video is actually on right, etc.

Top negative review

Overall I would recommend but do not get your hopes up on video quality.,

Update: 10/27/2015 after 4 weeks working with seller and manufacture of the camera they turned down the warranty of the product. Blackvue offers a fake 12 mth warranty they will not honor. I used the camera for 7 months on Aug 28th I think, it stopped working. I almost got into an accident a few weeks later and noticed it was no longer recording. To sum up their response they said it was user negligence because it shorted. I ask how it shorted when it just hung in my truck? What was the user negligence? They never answered me and refused to honor the warranty. The mom and pap shop that sold it to me pretended to be a franchise company. I checked their address it just a house in a middle class neighborhood. One of their responses was their GM is looking into it, LOL I guess my son is the assistent manager and my wife is GM of the house. They scratched off the S/N and 1st tried to tell me that voided warranty, but luckily I had the S/N written down. Now it is a paper weight, it powers on to a screen but does nothing and when I took it apart after getting back waiting 2 weeks for them to ship it back. I noticed bad soldering on a capacitor and doing some voltage checks seems one of the cheap Chinese capacitors is bad. But it was user negligence and a short, and the failed to tell me what I did. Half tempted to replace the capacitor myself and tell them off.

EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED, with this product, sellers lies, and manufacture lies. I will buy my next product at Best Buy or Fry’s for the less money I can get a real HD cam that can record lic plates. I even thinking this might have been a clever knockoff. For $300+ you expect a product to work for a long time at least a few years, this did not after 7 mths and manufacture will refuse to honor their warranty. Best Buy and Fry’s will honor theirs I know it and they do not sell knock offs.

If you want to take the risk of it breaking and them not fixing it and blaming you, read below………..
There is few problems with the unit. I would like to start with what is good.

Fuse box installation is easy, just find your acc(radio on) fuse, your batt fuse and common ground, installed mine in less then 5 mins. Can not get easier then that and I have my acc lighter for charging my cell phone. Once you have it on it pretty much does it thing with little or no input from you. That is very important.

Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock Review -MyBestDashCam

Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock Hot Deal Alert

As of today 12/23/2016, Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock price is $178.47 with 3% discount.  You can buy this Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock at hdvideodepot.com. This is much cheaper price than Amazon.  Amazon.com price of Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock is $364.10

Make sure use this coupon code: HDVDO3  for 3% discount.

 Samsung SHS-3321

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Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock Youtube Video Review

Amazon customer best reviews for Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock

I bought this lock to replace a top-rated digital keypad door lock deadbolt (Sunnect AP-501). The Sunnect was heavier and, I believe a more robust lock than this Samsung. I am not sure if heavier means it’s stronger though; we had someone shoulder our door in and the cage portion of the Sunnect Deadbolt was destroyed (since Sunnect is apparently out of business – they aren’t answering their phone or emails – I couldn’t replace this part). Although lighter, the Samsung seems to have hard metal where it counts.

Daily Use

Compared to the Sunnect, the Samsung is nicer to use on a daily basis. For example, instead of sliding a metal plate up to punch in numbers on an awkward keypad, the Samsung has a digital touch pad which makes entering the code faster and more convenient.


The hard part about the Samsung is the installation. The metal base-plate which is installed on the inside of the door has a mechanical geometry that causes the motor (that unlocks the deadbolt) to be stressed if it’s tightened too much. It needs to be adjusted just right to maintain the (relatively) friction free sliding of the deadbolt to the lock and unlock position. This could be improved in the design if the interior base-plate were stronger and less susceptible to bending, which contorts the mechanical action of some metal pieces that work together to rotate the deadbolt. Also, compared to the Sunnect, the interior panel could be more robust in build quality – it’s plastic unlike the Sunnect, which was made of hard metal. On the other hand, the unit hugs the door nicely on both sides – better than the Sunnect did.

The Alarm on the Samsung is louder than that on the Sunnect.

I would highly recommend that you look into Door Jamb Armor (Armor Concepts) if you are concerned with individuals kicking or shouldering-in your door. No matter how nice your lock/deadbolt, if the wood surrounding it (the door and door jamb) is conventional, nearly anyone can break open your door with a hard kick or firm shoulder.

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dashcam Review -MyBestDashCam


As of today 12/23/2016, BlackVue DR650GW price is $339 with 3% discount.  You can buy this blackvue dashcam at hdvideodepot.com. This is much cheaper price than Amazon.  Amazon.com price of BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dashcam is $377.10

Make sure use this coupon code: HDVDO3  for 3% discount.

BlackVue DR650S-2CH

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Youtube Video Review

Amazon customer review for BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dashcam

I’ve been using GoPros in my vehicle for front and rear video and they work ok, but have to many limitations. Such as no time stamp, they keep falling out of loop or wifi mod. Then they cost $400 a piece. So I wanted something a bit more dash cam friendly. After researching 10-15 cameras I picked this one.

I just received my DR650 in the mail. I’m going to write an on going type of review since I’ve just received it. As far as delivery, two day free shipping really you can’t beat it. Came as advertised.

Unboxing was not problem and I started to try to set it up in the vehicle but that was a bit of a pain, because if I didn’t like it I didn’t want to have to tear it down. So I had a 12 volt power supply in the house, works a lot better especially if you have to get on the internet to figure the crap out of their very very very limited in box manual!

Right off the bat a problem formatting the 16g SD card provided. The nice annoying voice keep repeating please check SD card, please check SD card, etc… Your supposed to insert the card and hold the button for 7-10 seconds and BAM it’s formatted. That didn’t work. Had to read other’s experiences about the same issue and ended up downloading a program for FAT32 formatting and formatted my 64g card and it worked fine.

Then the WIFI, just make sure you look at all the paper work in the box, the Easy Tip for Wi-Fi gives you the PW, it’s easy just the name of the company. Once you download the program on your phone you can change it to a secure PW.

That’s another thing. Went to the website to see if their was an update, yep there is a firmware update, from 1.000 to 1.003. Yet when I followed their instructions to a T, it will not update the firmware no matter which way I try to do it.

As for the iPhone interface with the WIFI connection to the camera, it’s ok, but needs to be more user friendly. Now the Configure button takes you to the Firmware Settings. I would be nice if the manual and the PDF you can down load would mirror the phone interface and explain each setting. But no it doesn’t, so you have to guess at some of them! I believe the firmware update would have taken care of some of this if I had been able to update it. (Hoping these people are reading our reviews) Would also be nice if they had a 800 U.S. tech support number to call instead of Korea!

Now onto the camera, one of the main reasons I got it was after watching the video reviews on Youtube, the picture clarity on both day and night were better than my GoPro. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case with mine. Took it out for a spin at twilight and it was disappointing compared to those reviews I watched. Maybe the lens was dirty or smuggled because oncoming head lights worry terrible, they halo’d/star’d out the video till the vehicle passed. Even then it was still not the best I’ve seen. So tomorrow I’ll mount the camera and drive it during the day.

Before I used my GoPros I used MUVI cameras, for front and rear, they had a standby on mod and you could link them both with one wifi control. They also had a time stamp on the video for evidence in court if you need that, where the GoPro doesn’t. The only problem I had with the MUVI’s, they would overheat (same with GoPro, unless you turn wifi off and use a lower resolution setting), the MUVI’s battery would also swell to the point it wouldn’t recharge or some of the control functions would not work till it cooled down. But when it did work it was great.

The only concern I have is that others report some overheating and shutting down. I know with windows up and sun shining on a black camera they get HOT! I measured my MUVI’s and Gopro at over 145 degrees and they shut down. This is rated at 20c – 60c (-4F to 140F). So I’ll have to wait for summer to know if it will take the heat of the cab.

Now onto what I really, really, really, like about this camera. First of, it not only has a time stamp, but GPS stamp and speed stamp, all of which you can turn off. I turned off the speed stamp because if you’re in an accident that can and will be used against you in a court of law! Even though they could recreate your speed it would still be harder to prove it than if they just look at your video. BTW, officer can not by law take your video without a warrant. If is your property and your evidence. So tell them either get a subpoena or a warrant for a copy of the video. It has a parking mod with motion sensor that you can set. You can also turn the parking mod off since it defaults to that when the vehicle isn’t moving for any length of time. I prefer a continuous recording so I turned off the parking mod.

This leads me to the PC or Mac interface for the video’s, I just FRIG’N love it. The GPS maps out everywhere you went and uses Googles maps to show you. This is without a doubt the best computer/car cam interface I’ve seen. They get a AAA+ on it, at least for now until I use it more.

The other PLUS I liked about this camera is the rear camera that records on the same card at the same time and in the computer interface program you can switch between each file seamlessly! Also you don’t need a separate power cord for the rear camera. It comes with a 15 ft coaxial cable but I’ll have mine mounted in my camper shell on the truck so I ordered a 50 ft one to run from the cab to the rear window of the shell.

So that’s all for now, look at the reviews on Youtube there are couple of well presented ones that go into detail. If anyone is interested on other cameras and how the compared to this one, go to: http://dashboardcamerareviews.com/dash-cam-comparison-table/

Feb. 15th Update:

The halo’d/star’d out lights in the video I found was the lens had a smudge on it. So if you don’t keep them clean or touch it with your finger you’ll get blur video or halo on the car and street lights.

Day time video is GREAT, I only wish it was 1080 at 60sec maybe they can do that in the next model. Nighttime is also good when you have lots of ambient light, like driving in a city, rural roads it’s not as good but would do fine if you had an accident. I haven’t been able to use the rear camera due to needing a longer coaxial cable, 50ft on order.

On one of the Youtube video reviews the guy also has a DR500 2CH he’s using for a rear camera plus using the 650 and 500 rear cameras as side cameras for a 360 degree coverage.

So I’m going going to get another DR650 and do the same. I’ve already had the opportunity to use my Gopro cameras with the NCHP when I had a trucker try to run me off the road, got everything I needed to prove his intent. He was fired from his job, but without the video I would not have been able to prove anything.

So far I’m completely satisfied with the operation of the camera, except the firmware update. Still working on getting that resolved.

Feb. 18.

I just received my second DR650 for using as a rear view and side camera. Starting it up it immediately went into firmware update mode, unlike the first camera I purchased. With the new firmware it gives me more options then before. So I tried every way I could to get the first camera to update but it just refused to do so. So I’m returning it for a refund and purchasing another one, hopefully it will work correctly.

Feb. 25,

Received my replacement camera from Amazon, this one had no issues upgrading to the new firmware.

I’ve now installed two DR650 2ch on my truck (Tacoma) with camper shell. I have the main cameras for front and rear and the smaller (rear) cameras for L & R side views. Took all day to install both because I took my time and professionally installed it running rubber conduit to incase the electrical and the coaxial cable. Easy hookup with the Power magic pro’s. I just wish Power Magic Pro Plus was available, you can’t find them anywhere in the US, so I have two switches one front and one for rear. Took the truck for a spin and I really like the 360 degree coverage. If someone T-bones me I’ll have it on video. Plus the rear camera will be full 1080p. I’ll try to post pics of my set up.

The only thing I wish you could do is turn off ALL led lights and the rear (small) camera light, hate that it’s on all the time even in parking mode. I just put some electrical tape on it to cover up the light. You also can’t turn off the GPS led, but it’s blues so you can’t see it as well. All other lights you can turn off in setup.

So for now I’m going to bump this up to 5 Stars and see how it works out.

Update April 17th.

I really love these cameras and my 360 degree recording. Have had the opportunity to record a tractor trailer rig trying to push me out of my lane and other stupid drive stuff. I like this camera so much I put one in the new car I bought my wife. I can’t say anything bad about it for now.

Good samaritan police officer helps speeding student

Have you ever seen a police office like this for a speeding violation?


For speeding a University of Wisconsin-Stout student pulled over last month near campus was rushing to give a presentation and didn’t know how to tie his necktie. According to the Menomonie Police Department, Officer Martin Folczyk spotted the student’s BMW speeding down 8th Street at 8:55 a.m. on the morning of Nov. 30 and initiated the stop. “I have to get a tie tied,” the driver said. “I have a presentation and I thought my buddy was home but he’s not, and I’m running behind.”

Before asking for his license and insurance, the officer asked the student for his tie, then loosely tied it around his own neck before handing it back. “While I do this, why don’t you grab your proof of insurance and your driver’s license real quick,” Officer Folczyk said. “Probably not the best knot, but it will work.” “Better than what I was going to do,” the student said. “Thank you so much.” The student was given a verbal warning.

*After seeing the video of the traffic stop, the police chief invited the driver back to the police station and taught him to properly tie his own tie.