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 Samsung SHS-3321

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Amazon customer best reviews for Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock

I bought this lock to replace a top-rated digital keypad door lock deadbolt (Sunnect AP-501). The Sunnect was heavier and, I believe a more robust lock than this Samsung. I am not sure if heavier means it’s stronger though; we had someone shoulder our door in and the cage portion of the Sunnect Deadbolt was destroyed (since Sunnect is apparently out of business – they aren’t answering their phone or emails – I couldn’t replace this part). Although lighter, the Samsung seems to have hard metal where it counts.

Daily Use

Compared to the Sunnect, the Samsung is nicer to use on a daily basis. For example, instead of sliding a metal plate up to punch in numbers on an awkward keypad, the Samsung has a digital touch pad which makes entering the code faster and more convenient.


The hard part about the Samsung is the installation. The metal base-plate which is installed on the inside of the door has a mechanical geometry that causes the motor (that unlocks the deadbolt) to be stressed if it’s tightened too much. It needs to be adjusted just right to maintain the (relatively) friction free sliding of the deadbolt to the lock and unlock position. This could be improved in the design if the interior base-plate were stronger and less susceptible to bending, which contorts the mechanical action of some metal pieces that work together to rotate the deadbolt. Also, compared to the Sunnect, the interior panel could be more robust in build quality – it’s plastic unlike the Sunnect, which was made of hard metal. On the other hand, the unit hugs the door nicely on both sides – better than the Sunnect did.

The Alarm on the Samsung is louder than that on the Sunnect.

I would highly recommend that you look into Door Jamb Armor (Armor Concepts) if you are concerned with individuals kicking or shouldering-in your door. No matter how nice your lock/deadbolt, if the wood surrounding it (the door and door jamb) is conventional, nearly anyone can break open your door with a hard kick or firm shoulder.

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